Christabel Shaler

After completing an Interdisciplinary BA in English, Art History and Psychology, I began writing for online publications and studying creative facilitation. During this time, I began capturing local stories through creative facilitation techniques. This experience helped lay the foundation for a career in online writing and content marketing. Over a seven year period, I was immersed in the business community and witnessed continuous innovations. I began to wonder how schools could better prepare younger generations for a rapidly changing world.

In 2016, I returned to university and studied high school education. I became a certified teacher in Vancouver BC and began teaching in 2017. During my time as a teacher, I  have been fascinated by how students relate to technology and how they are flooded with information through multiple media platforms. How can we equip students with the thinking skills they need for the future? How to we create safe spaces where we can have brave conversations? I am currently exploring these questions as a teacher and consultant for the Vancouver School Board.